How It Works

Votline is an iPhone app that lets you make one-on-one video calls with influencers and professionals all over the world. Talk face-to-face with any host on Votline.

A call begins when a user sends a request to talk with a host. The host can call the user anytime in the next 60 minutes. The user pays the host after the call is completed.

For Users

As a user, you can pay to talk with anyone you choose. Connect, engage with, and learn from the people you really want to talk to.

To initiate a call, search for a host and click the “Request a Talk” button on their profile. They have 60 minutes to give you a call. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a call right away – the host might have received too many requests or could be busy at that time. Keep sending requests to maximize your chance of getting a call.

The price and estimated talk time depend on the host. Your credit card information is securely encrypted and you are only charged after you finish talking to a host.

Following your favorite hosts on Votline helps you get notified when they are online. Enable Votline notifications and turn on your ringer so you will never miss a call.

For Hosts

As a host on Votline, you can earn money while talking with your biggest supporters. Votline allows you to build a connection with your followers, while acting as a new source of income. Enjoy the flexibility of deciding when to make calls and whom to call.

When you want to make a call, go to the Host tab. You can see a list of your incoming requests – these are the people you can call. In order to receive requests on Votline, it is important to use your social media following.

To bring in your followers from other platforms, on your social media accounts announce that you are on Votline and ready to make calls. Share your @name, the app download link (, and maybe what times you are free to talk.

If you already have a following on Votline, you can notify followers you are online within the app. Pressing the “Notify Followers” button on the host tab will let them know you are online, and some will send you a request.

To maximize the amount you make, let your followers know from time to time that you are on Votline and ready to make calls. Even better, establish a regular schedule to make calls.

Votline also allows you to adjust your price to meet demand. For example, if you are receiving too many requests, you may want to raise your rate so you can call everyone who sends you a request. You can change it anytime under Host Settings.

After you earn money from calls and want to request a payment, head to the Account Balance tab. You will receive a check at your mailing address. Note that Votline takes a 20% cut to cover our costs, including video provider services and payment processing.

If you have any additional questions or issues, please reach out to us at Our team will respond within 24 hours.