What is Votline?

Votline is an iPhone app that lets you make one-on-one video calls with influencers and professionals all over the world. Talk face-to-face with any host on the app.

Votline brings benefits for both users and those hosting a call.

As a user, you can pay to talk with anyone you want. Connect, talk with, and learn from a variety of interesting people.

As a host on Votline, you can earn money while talking your biggest supporters. Votline allows you to build a connection with your followers, while acting as a new source of income. Enjoy the flexibility of deciding when to make calls and whom to call.

How does a Votline call work?

For a call to be made, first a user sends a request to a host. The host has 60 minutes to call the user back. The user pays the host when the call is completed.

Are Votline calls free?

No. Every Votline video call is a paid one. The users pay hosts according to the price the hosts set. Users’ credit cards will be charged only when calls are completed.

Who determines the pricing per session?

The hosts. Each host sets a price for a call session. The host also lists an estimated talk time so that users have an expectation about how long the call lasts.

How can I get notified when I receive requests or calls?

The app sends you notifications when you have incoming requests or calls. Make sure to allow the Votline app to send you notifications. We recommend turning your ringer on so you never miss a call.

What are the settings to ensure call quality?

Make sure Votline has access to your device’s microphone and camera. Check to make sure you have reliable Internet connection or signal. If you experience any issues, please contact us at contact@votline.com

 For Users

As a Votline user, how do I request a video call with a host?

Search and find a host on Votline. On their profile, click “Request a Talk” to send the host a request. The host may call you within the next 60 minutes.

I sent a request to a host but I never got a call. What should I do?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a call right away – the host might have received too many requests or could be busy at that time. Keep requesting and you might just get a call.

How much do I pay for a video call session with a host?

Each host sets their price for a call session, which is displayed on their profile. When a call is conducted, you pay the host that price, regardless of the length of talk time. Your credit card will be charged after the call.

How long does a call last?

Each host lists an estimated duration of talk time. This is a suggested length of time for the convenience of both the host and the user. However, our app does not enforce this duration.

How do I know when my favorite hosts are online on Votline?

You are able to request a call with a host anytime. If you follow your favorite hosts on Votline, you will receive a notification on your phone when a host announces they are online. Check their social media accounts, where they will often announce they are ready to take calls on Votline.

 For Hosts

Who can be a host on Votline?

Anyone can choose to become a host, but those with a larger social media presence will be able to make more calls and earn more income.

As a host, how do I conduct a video call?

Under the Host tab, you can see a list of the requests you received. You then choose a user to call, starting a talk session.

How do I let my Votline followers know that I am ready to talk?

Votline lets you notify your followers that you are online. When you are ready to talk, press the “Notify Followers” button and your followers will get a notification on their phone. As a result, some of them may send requests to you.

How do I get my social media followers to talk to me on Votline?

Let your followers on other platforms know that they can talk to you on Votline now. Share your @name, the app download link (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1232398466), and what times you are free to talk.

Speak to them during your live streaming broadcasts, tweet to them, and make announcements on social media. It helps to establish a consistent calling schedule and build a following on the app. The more requests you receive, the larger your influence on Votline will be and the more you will earn.

How long should a call last?

You provide an estimated duration of the call when you set your price. This is a suggested length of time for the convenience of both you and your users. As long as you and your users are happy, you may shorten or extend the talk time. The app does not enforce this duration.

How much do I receive for a video call session?

You, the host, set your price. You can adjust this price based on your popularity, available time, and demand. Users pay you for every call with their credit cards. 

Note that Votline takes a 20% cut of payments through the app to cover our costs, including video provider services and payment processing. For example, if a user talks to you at your price of $50 a session, you will receive $40 (80% of $50) while Votline takes a fee of $10.

How do I receive payments from Votline?

All payments are sent to your Paypal account within 3 business days. You will receive an email notification directly from Paypal with instructions to claim your funds. The PayPal email will be sent to the email address you specified in your Votline account. Please contact us if you have any problems accessing your payment. Check out this link for details on Paypal website.

All of your talk history is in the "Earnings" section within the Settings tab (gear icon) in the Votline app.

 Privacy and Safety

Does Votline record video calls?

No. All talks on Votline are private. We do not record any video call sessions.

Does Votline store payment information?

No. Payment information is securely encrypted by Stripe, a third-party processor. Votline does not store payment information.

How do I report a user?

Click the “Report” button on the popup after a call is completed. Or, send us an email.