An iPhone app that lets you talk directly with influencers and professionals
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How to Talk to Hosts on Votline

1. Request

Find any host on Votline. Send a request to talk with them.

2. call

If the host is available and sees your request, they can call you back within the next 60 minutes.

3. talk

Pick up the call, talk to the host. You pay for the call when it is finished.

Learning, Sharing, Helping


Enjoy talking with and supporting your favorite hosts.


A good new source of income, while sharing and talking.

Benefits for Users and Hosts

Votline is an iPhone app that lets you make one-on-one video calls with influencers and professionals all over the world. Talk face-to-face with any host on the app.

Votline brings benefits for both users and those hosting a call. As a user, you can pay to talk with anyone you want. Connect, talk with, and learn from a variety of interesting people.

As a host on Votline, you can earn money while talking with your biggest supporters. Votline allows you to build a connection with your followers, while acting as a new source of income. Enjoy the flexibility of deciding when to make calls and whom to call.